What snus strength suits you?

Snub strength is something that is pretty new; different markets have different snus types that they are more familiar with. For example, the Swedish market is more familiar with the normal strength, whereas the Norwegian is more familiar with stronger snus. Some snus varieties contain higher nicotine which actually makes them so much stronger. However, moisture, flavouring, and PH value also contribute greatly to the strength of each snus. In this article, we will be highlighting and discussing how one can easily select the right snus for their specific needs without spending a lot of time on product research.

Pick snus strength

There are quite a few factors to consider when selecting snus strength. Over the years as snus has become more refined and manufacturers have become more innovative; more flavours and strengths have been developed. It now comes in all white, regular and mini portions. The strengths are scaled from 1-4 as some have a higher nicotine level than others, which makes them stronger. Level 1 is known as the normal or original snus, this is how snus was originally formed, it’s indicated by 2 dots on the box. Level 2 and 3 are labelled as strong and extra strong. Lastly, level 4 is super strong indicated by 5 dots.

Choosing Snus

Different blends are created when making snus which plays a role in the strength. Individual preference will look at how much saliva one produces and how you are using the snus. Also how much nicotine content one needs. The more moist the snus is, the more nicotine it will release; meaning a level 1 snus will have a lower content. The higher the PH levels, the higher the nicotine as well. Selecting snus is based on personal choice and needs and not everyone will have the same use for snus. Luckily there are now different strengths to suit each person’s intake.