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Review of XR Göteborgs Rapé Strong

This product has a vibrant history. The recipe went through a system of trial and error among traders and sailors ships anchored in the port of Gothenburg. Since the sailors could not afford the necessary ingredients, various spices were added to the smokeless tobacco to create more personal snus blends.

XR Goteborg’s market share as of 2010 in the snus market of Sweden was estimated at 14%. This product is made by selecting tobacco shredded by hand – the light and sweetened tobacco contains hints of fresh herbs and juniper berry. Before the year 1919, the product was not produced in the factory.

XR Goteborg is another product from Swedish Match; it received its name when all production of snus in Sweden was taken over by the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly. Being registered as a proprietor brand ensures the production of the majority of snus in Sweden. Since it is one of the earliest brands, it is quite famous.

Where to get XR Göteborgs Rapé Strong – price and strength

It is illegal to sell tobacco or tobacco-related products to persons who are below the age of 18. But assuming we’re over 18, how do we acquire XR Göteborgs Rapé Strong, and how strong is the product? The strength level of this product is normal, with nicotine levels of 1.35% to give a light kick.

There are many dealers for the product, but the best place to purchase it is the Swedish Match online market. You’ll find a variety of products upon opening their website. It goes for 3 to 4 dollars for 1 can and 30 to 35 dollars for 10 packages. The product takes 1-3 days to arrive.

The product has a subtle tobacco taste with definite hints of juniper and lavender, incorporated with clues of citrus and oak. Made to ensure that the release of flavour is optimized to last as long as possible, the surface is dry, and the contents are moist. It’s a popular choice for many snus users.

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