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Review of VELO Tropic Breeze X-Strong

If you’re one of the nicotine users who prefer tobacco-free products but still want to get that heart-racing thrill, then this is the product for you. VELO Tropic Breeze X-Strong is one of those snus products that are completely free of tobacco but still contain nicotine. The manufacturing of this product is friendly to the environment and it is made from eucalyptus and Scandinavian pine. By far, it is not what we have been used to in the traditional snus.

The product contains a tropical fruit flavoured sensation. Some of the tropical flavours may include passion fruit, mango and mandarin. There is evidence of the innovations that have taken place in the production of snus. These innovations include a change in the shape of portions, the portions themselves, and the environmentally friendly method of production. The feeling is just like that of traditional brown snus and the bag remains white even after being placed under the lip.

How strong is VELO Tropic Breeze X Strong

The very refreshing and cooling pouch has tropical flavours as mentioned. The nicotine pouches have a moist texture that ensures a long-lasting flavour and nicotine explosions under the lips. The weight of one can is approximately 16.8 grams and contains 24 pouches. It is also available in rolls that contain 10 pouches each. Although the pouch size is slim, the same can not be said for the kick. It contains 16mg/g, which makes it very strong.

Prices and where to obtain the product

The manufacturers of VELO Tropic Breeze X-Strong is a company known as BAT. The company is responsible for the production of Lyft and Epok, some of the most famous snus. The origin of these products is Britain, and they are mostly sold online. Some sites sell the product at 35.90 Euros for a 10 pack. One can goes for approximately 12 euros. Of course the more you buy, the more the discounts you get – 10 cans can be bought at 6.60 euros.

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