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Review of Summer Honey Explosion White Dry Portion

This is a one of a kind product in the market, produced by GN Tobacco. Summer Honey Explosion White Dry Portion has some of the sweetest combinations of honey, elderflower and lemon, leaving an explosion of flavours. Apart from the sweetness, it is also one of the strongest chewing tobaccos in the market.

The product is robust, and it contains approximately 43.3mg/g nicotine levels. This makes it among the most used chewing tobacco in the world. The warm honey flavour makes it pleasant for users who want to experience smokeless tobacco and keeps the flavour long-running. The chewing tobacco contains normal-sized portions that have not been moistened.

The product is manufactured by STP and is a white dry portion. The net weight for one pack is 15 grams. Sometimes the product is out of stock because of the powerful nicotine kicks it offers. There is hardly any drip since this product is offered in white dry portions.

Where to find Summer Honey Explosion White Dry Portion

There are a lot of tobacco dealers in the world today. Most people who want to experience smokeless tobacco will point you in a certain direction. It is common to see these dealers advertising the product as “WOW, Summer Honey Explosion White Dry Portion” because of how enticing and in demand the product is.

The sale of tobacco products is prohibited to those who are under the age of 18. Although tobacco is highly addictive and harmful to health, people seem to be using it more and more. The best thing about this snus is the absence of a mint flavour, which many people seem to dislike.

In order to make your heart race with nicotine and to fill your taste buds with the infinite pleasure of warm honey, all you need to do is to visit one of these dealer websites. One can goes for approximately 4 to 4.50 dollars, while 10 cans are sold for 37.19 dollars.

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