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Review of Siberia White Dry Portion

Siberia White Dry Portion is one of the most powerful Swedish Snus products available on the market today. The product comes in dry, white portion pouches where fine-cut tobacco is placed inside. This prevents your teeth from staining while offering an intense nicotine experience. The strong snus is absolutely perfect for experienced users.

Manufactured by GN tobacco, the pouches are extremely soft and simply a pleasant feeling to experience under your lip. As these snus portions are dry, there will be a little delay before taste and nicotine let out, but once it is established, the release will be even and smooth.

These particular snus pouches are named as dry, referring to the content having a low level of moisture. Dry portions keep the aroma longer. There is no need to fluff the portions because they are already extremely soft and very fluffy. Simply put one under your upper lip and feel the buzz.

Siberia white dry portion features

You will get no shortage of icy cold tingles after placing one portion under your lip. The chilling sensation stays a pretty long time. You don’t have to press your lip hard against gum to bring forth that sensation. In a nutshell, the chilling mouthfeel stays the entire duration you’re using the portion.

The taste of this snus is spearmint. This is more noticeable in the aroma, but of course also in the taste. The tobacco taste is nice but subtle, which is definitely pleasing. There is little to no drip with Siberia white dry portions, exactly how users like a white portion to be.

If you’re a fan of very powerful snus, with a long-lasting minty taste and feel, look no further. But be careful, this stuff is insanely strong and not for a novice user. The product has 43mg/g nicotine, which is five times stronger than a regular 8mg/g snus and twice as much as other strong products.

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