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Review of Shiro True North Slim X-Strong All-White Portion

Shiro True North Slim X-Strong is a nicotine product that is manufactured by AG Snus. As an all-white product, it does not contain tobacco leaves but it gives a strong nicotine kick. In this extensive article, we review the nicotine product and cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • The nicotine strength/level of the product
  • Popularity among users
  • The flavour of the product
  • Estimated price

Shiro True North Slim X Strong All White Portion Strength

Shiro True North Slim X-Strong is classified as an extra-strong nicotine pouch that has a nicotine level of 12mg per gram. It also comes with a beautiful flavour combination of mint and wintergreen that enhances the excellent taste and sensation you’ll get when you put the pouch in your mouth.

As usual, a single can of the product has 24 portions in it, and due to the extra strong nicotine strength, it is best suited for experienced users. Among the ingredients used in making this nicotine product are acidity regulators (E500), fillers (E460), nicotine, humectants (E422), aromas and flavour enhancers.

Popularity and Price

Although Shiro True North Slim X-Strong All-White is one of the latest products from AG Snus, it’s becoming a popular choice for many, especially those that love the feel an extra-strong nicotine kick. The pouches are thin and dry, which helps you enjoy the slow release of the contents into your mouth.

Shiro True North Slim X-Strong All White is sold at around €4.79 a can. You can also get a roll (10 cans) of this product for €44.90. The weight of each individual nicotine pouch is around 0.5g and it can last for up to 30 minutes in your mouth.


We have provided you with a detailed review of Shiro True North Slim X-Strong All-White in this article. It’s a mint-flavoured and extra -strong nicotine pouch for experienced users. And the fact that it is all-white (without tobacco) means that you can use it without staining your teeth.

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