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Review of Rite Juniper Citrus Large White Portion

Rite Juniper Citrus Large White Portion is enclosed in a black box with green highlights. The products proves to have quite the kick, although it is strong for users who have not been long-time users. It is one of the snus products with a classical taste. It contains white dry portions with a clement and subtle tobacco flavour together with appropriate quantities of juniper, bergamot and lemon. It is one of the most widely available snus products in the market.

The snus of Swedish origins is manufactured by a Danish company known as the Ministry of Snus. Although it incorporates flavours of juniper, bergamot and lemon, the nicotine kick is quite powerful. This product contains nicotine levels of about 28mg/g which delivers the punch. In a white portion pouch, first-rate cut tobacco is placed and then sealed. This is done to prevent stains on teeth and to ensure that the flavour and the intensity of the nicotine are long-lasting.

The kick in Rite Juniper Citrus Large White Portion

On the rate of a 1-5 scale Rite Juniper Citrus Large, White Portion is considered to have a strength of 5. Being on a level of 5 and having nicotine levels of about 28mg/g compared to most Swedish products places it in the extra-strong category of snus products. Since it is chewing tobacco, the fine tobacco has been processed to ensure there is no stains on teeth. This is a large portion and can also be experienced in slim, loose or mini.

Price and where to get the product

Tobacco products are highly addictive and may cause some health issues and thus should be consumed with caution. With that in mind, we can now discuss the prices. As usual, most of these products are sold online, and dealers have different values and different discounts. One can of about 15 grams goes for about 3 dollars to 4 dollars. Ten cans go for about 30 to 35 dollars. The price is usually more discounted the more you buy.

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