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Review of R42 White Large Super Strong

Are you anywhere in Sweden or maybe just across its borders? And are you a cigarette smoker who wishes to cut down because of the smoke hazard effects on your health? White large super strong is your go-to snus. The demand for higher strength snus is high by users. R42 from Swedish Match has focused on these demands. There are distinct hints of spearmint with a hot tobacco taste. The spearmint flavour has been introduced in this product.

The full-packed pouch has a dry surface, and the contents on the inside are semidry, which allows for low salivation. R42 produces an acute chilly feeling just beneath the lip. The nicotine levels, format, flavour, pH and moisture levels are some of the factors that determine the strength of snus. Apart from the amount of nicotine in the pouches, Swedish Match has focused on all this to ensure that consumers have a wonderful experience.

Experience R42 white large super strong

A strong and powerful encounter even for those who are strong, seasoned users of snus is what Swedish Match is trying to deliver. The strength of nicotine is 26mg/g and there are 13 portions in a 10-gram can. Each portion is 0.77 grams. Considering the following information, it means that there is 20.03mg in each portion; hence the full-blown kick it drives. Unlike other R42s before the white large super strong, which focused on peppermint, this one focuses on spearmint.

Price and why to opt for white large super strong

For longtime snus users who prefer to experience something more powerful, this new product is best for you. An immediate strong nicotine kick is experienced, and the flavour lasts for a while. Although the products have only been recently added to the online market and across the Swedish borders, they are very affordable. A can with 13 units is sold between 3 to 4 dollars and as you buy more cans the price is discounted.

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