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Review of Offroad X White Dry Portion

Having an incredible nicotine level of about 45mg/g, this has to be among the strongest snus in the world market. Offroad X White Dry Portion has an acute yet revitalizing mint taste. The product takes the form of dry portions, white in colour, which offer a long-lasting taste with a low drip.

Produced by Offroad, this snus is perfect for snus users who do not like runny snus as the rate of drip is low. It has been termed as the strongest snus in the market considering the fact that it is five times stronger than ordinary snus. It’s also lightweight, convenient for packaging and shipping.

It is worth mentioning how cool the packaging looks, with two black stripes crossing each other on a red background, both on the box’s sides and the lid – it looks like it’s made for only the most badass users. One box contains approximately 9.75 grams of this extra strong product.

Where to get Offroad X White Dry Portion

To ensure that the product you are getting is authentic and original, make sure to check the label. The name can be found on the cover. The term “Arctic Explorer” is written on the circumference of the lid, while Offroad and “Xpand your horizon” is written in the centre part.

This product originally came from Sweden, but a lot of sellers of this product can be found both physically around the world and on the online market, making it fairly easy to acquire this product no matter where you may be. The super strong snus has the classic peppermint taste.

Prices for this super strong snus product vary between dealers and across the world. For a dealer like, one can is sold at 2.69 dollars and 10 cans go for 22.90 dollars. From this merchant, orders take approximately 1 to 3 working days to deliver via mail. Other dealers are likely to be similar.

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