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Review of LYFT Freeze X-Strong

When talking about nicotine pouches with high strength in the market, the LYFT-Freeze X-Strong is definitely among them. With a 16mg/g nicotine level, the ingredients of the product include PH-adjustment, cellulose, water, humectant, aroma, nicotine and preservative. It is an all-white product that gives you a groundbreaking effective nicotine experience.

In this article, we will be providing you with a detailed review of LYFT Freeze X-Strong. We will talk about the flavour of the product, its popularity, as well as its country of origin. Aside from that, we’ll also give you an insight into how much the product costs in the market.

As the name implies, the taste of LYFT Freeze X-Strong is an icy menthol with intense peppermint that will remind you of the cold stormy days of the Alps. In terms of strength, it is by far the strongest nicotine product from LYFT so far, and the portions are slime-shaped.

LYFT Freeze X Strong – Popularity and Price

Due to the strength of the nicotine pouch, it is not suitable for everyone. However, it’s a popular choice for many users that enjoy using all-white products with a high nicotine kick. LYFT Freeze X-Strong, like other LYFT products, is owned by British American Tobacco PLC and is available to buy locally and online.

A single can of LYFT Freeze X-Strong is sold at €5.49 and there are 24 portions in it. You can also buy a roll (10 cans) for €49.90 at online stores. And since it’s an all-white product, it does not stain the teeth and the nicotine kick lasts for quite a long duration.

So far, we’ve provided you with a review of LYFT Freeze X-Strong. The product comes with a 16mg/g nicotine level which is the strongest that LYF BAT has ever produced. As for the flavour, it is a peppermint taste with icy menthol which will give you an awesome feeling as the nicotine kicks in.

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