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Review of Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong

Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong is produced by Another Snus Factory. This company is based in Norway and has distribution channels in and beyond the country. Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong has gained wide attention based on its high quality. It comes in an all-white pack with blue and red designs.

  • Some other details about the product include:
  • 11 mg per pouch nicotine content
  • Mint flavor

Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong feel and flavour

Loop Mint Mania Extra-Strong is an all-white portion substance. The ingredients are properly processed and stripped of any coloring. It does not leave any stain on the user’s teeth after use, making it less messy. This encourages prolonged use among users to get the full satisfaction that nicotine brings.

The product comes with a high nicotine content of about 11mg per pouch. As a result of this, the taste lingers for a long period. This product comes with a mint flavor, which is not surprising as this is usually the flavor associated with nicotine pouches with high nicotine contents.

Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong use and price

It is quite easy to use this nicotine pouch. You simply take a pouch and place it under your lip. After it has absorbed moisture, the pouch starts releasing its content gradually. The product is completely tobacco-free and doesn’t make the user spit. It consists of erythritol, fibers, nicotine, salt, and preservative.

The slim profile of the pouch makes it compact during use. The size makes it sit comfortably under the lips while the user carries on with their activities. Also, the size of the pack is compact enough to carry around inside the pocket. Also, the price is fairly economical.

Final thoughts on Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong review

Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong is comfortable, soft, slim, and efficient. These attributes make this product one of the best choices for users who are looking for strong nicotine pouches. The maker, Another Snus Factory, is new to the market; however, they have become well-known for their high quality.

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