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Review of Granit Strong Portion Snus

Granit has been around for many years, and the brand is globally famous among many snus users around Sweden for its traditional, powerful and real tobacco flavour. The producer of the products, Fiedler & Lundgren, usually makes use of the highest growing leaves on the tobacco plant. You might wonder why? Well, these high leaves are bigger and also have higher levels of nicotine and oil. The product offers various tastes for users to enjoy, and these include citrus, tobacco and pepper. The incredible snus has a real taste with clear tobacco quality, and it comes in white portion, loose, and portion.

Granit Strong Portion Snus Strength

Granit string portion snus is one of the snus products from Fiedler & Lundgren with a high nicotine level. The snus offers a prominent tobacco flavour with spice and bergamot. Additionally, it comes with an increased amount of nicotine to give users that strong sensation. The snus nicotine level is mostly around 13mg/g. The great taste of Granit snus was derived from the attention given towards the achievement of a perfect blend of tobacco. The snus taste is peppery, salty, lightly sweet. Another benefit of using this product is the price – it is very affordable, and the quality is impressive.

Why You Should Buy Granit Portion Snus

If you enjoy taking snus with a strong nicotine level, then Granit Strong Portion is the best option for you to consider. The product is easy to use, so you need not worry. The Granit can consist of black plastic, and it comes with a top and bottom edges curved, which gives it a better feel when you hold it. Additionally, it’s easier to get in and out of the pocket. The snus product does not include a used portion compartment in its can. However, if you are interested in the flavour, then you will find the product incredible.

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