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Review of Epok Freeze X-Strong Slim Portion

Epok Freeze X-Strong Slim Portion is white snus that was launched by Winnington under the series of EPOK. It is made in Hokerum, Vastergotland. Epok Freeze X-strong Slim is a white tobacco product that is described to have been passed through an environmentally friendly, patented process to remove harmful substances such as metals. It is an all-white product that is produced by cleansing brown tobacco and is stated to be stronger than its predecessors. EPOK’s products were for sale in Norway from 2014 to 2018 until a ban was put on them. It was later replaced by the LYFT products.

Contents of Epok Freeze X Strong Slim portion

Epok X-Strong Freeze is an all-white product that does not stain a user’s teeth. It has an extra-strong nicotine strength with a minty flavor. It is closer to peppermint and has a soft slim texture. Using the snus leaves a cooling effect in the mouth and tends to be comfortable under the lip. The nicotine pouch has a hefty burning sensation to it as well as a sweet peppermint aroma and taste. This flavor is quickly released in the mouth as well as its nicotine. Its nicotine effect is felt within a short period of time (about 45 minutes).

Further Description

The nicotine content in Epok X-Strong Freeze slim is at 16 mg per gram. It is considered to have a strong burn feeling due to the nicotine level. It comes in 24 portions, each weighing 0.7 grams. Each portion is white in color because it is washed to give it the color of white tobacco. It is in slim format; that is, its bags are oblong and narrow, thus making it fit perfectly and at the same time be discrete in the mouth. The total snus weight is 16.8 grams per can. Its strength is considered to be extra strong.

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