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Review of G-3 Volt White Portion Slim Super Strong

G-3 Volt White Slim Super Strong is one of, if not, the strongest snus ever produced by Swedish Match. The portions are white, slim and dry on the outside, which offers a low drip as well as a lasting flavour release. Besides that, this product comes with a smooth and slightly spicy tobacco flavour which has an obvious note of peppermint. In addition to the spicy tobacco and peppermint, the product comes with slight hints of cedar as well as eucalyptus. Without a doubt, this snus product is sure to give you a proper experience, especially if you enjoy any of the listed flavours.

G 3 Volt White Portion Slim Super Characteristics

The G 3 Volt White Portion Slim Super Snus contains up to 26mg/g nicotine and in addition to that, has 30% more nicotine than other kind of snus product from Swedish Match. Aside from that, the long and slim pouch has a dry surface together with a high moisture content, which is up to 46%. Because of this, when you use the product, you will get a long-lasting taste experience. Inside a can, you will get up to 24 pouches and each of the pouches comes with the various characteristics mentioned in this paragraph. Currently, a can sells for about $4.

What’s More?

This snus product is quite popular and it has received much positive feedback from existing users. For instance, some consumers enjoy the lasting flavour and strength of the product. Besides that, many users loved the hint of peppermint, eucalyptus and cedar that are included in the product. In addition to that, the fact that the snus is not overpowered by artificial flavours, nor does it leave a bad taste, is highly applauded by consumers. According to the many customer reviews, this is one of the best snus you can give a try because you will get your money’s worth.

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